VB Rags Volleyball Academy

2024 June July Mini Volley


Mini Volley - Volleyball Clinics for 6 - 10 year olds


Our approach to teaching Volleyball follows three stages:

How to Enjoy, How to Play, and How to Win

Our Mini Volley Program is designed for players 5 - 10yrs old (boys and girls)  who have an interest in learning to play Volleyball.  The program focuses on the first two stages: How to Enjoy and How to Play.  We use a modified version of the sport with a lower net, a smaller court, and fewer players per court, to ensure every athlete is more involved in every drill or game situation.  This leads to more touches of the ball for each player, which in turn leads to more learning, and more fun. We focus on a Collaborative environment, not competition.  

The players inevitably fall in love with the sport and begin learning the proper fundamentals in the process.


6 Middlebury Blvd, Randolph, NJ 07081